The Mundialito or Copa Americas was the first tournament among national teams from all of America. It was the first international tournament for the national teams of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The same were part of those selections plus Canada, the United States and Australia.


The tournament was won by a large margin by the United States that won the final to the Australian team, while Canada finished in third place, winning that position to Brazil, Uruguay finished fifth and Argentina sixth.

Despite these results, it was a tournament that served as a kickoff for the South American teams to start their way in Powerchair Football in the best way.

The Copa Powerchair Libertadores is held once a year in a South American country that acts as the headquarters of it and the Copa Sudamericana.

So far three editions have been played in which six teams from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay participated. The first edition was played in 2015 in Montevideo and the Champion was Novo Ser from Brazil, in 2016 it was played in Buenos Aires and won by Huracán de Carrasco from Uruguay, and the last edition was played in Rio de Janeiro and was conquered by Tigres de Pacheco


The next edition will be played in Montevideo again and the number of teams will be extended to ten, counting for the first time with the presence of a Mexican team.

The Copa Sudamericana is a tournament of selections that takes place after the Copa Powerchair Libertadores, usually the day after the end or even the same day. Like the Libertadores, the Copa Sudamericana was also played three times, in the same venues where the Copa Libertadores was played.


So far it has been played between Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in a system of all against all, being the one that achieves more points the champion. In the three editions that the tournament takes, Argentina is the biggest winner of the tournament with two cups, followed by Uruguay, who won the first title in this competition after winning the last edition.

The Americas Cup, will be played for the first time in Rio de Janeiro, in August 2019. It is a tournament of national teams that will work as qualifier for the World Cup, in which all the countries of South and North America that develop Powerchair Football participate. In this first edition, Argentina, Brazil, Canada USA and Uruguay will participate.

These five countries will compete for a place in the World Cup to be played in Sydney, Australia, in 20201. Of the five national teams, only three will have the privilege of qualifying and reaching the maximum tournament that this sport can offer us.

The Champions Cup will also debut in August in Rio de Janeiro, but this competition will be at the club level, and unlike the Libertadores Powerchair Cup, it will only compete against the champions of each national tournament of the countries of the Americas.


This year, at its inauguration, the participating teams will be the following:

Tigers of Pacheco (Argentina), Rio de Janeiro Powersoccer (Brazil), Sudden Impact (USA) and Hurricane Carrasco (Uruguay).


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